Below are testimonials from recent clients –

Denise –

I was SO impressed with the work Becky did on my family tree on my Dad’s side. His side has been SO hard for my family to trace. We didn’t know how to find documents or anything. I tried years ago and found nothing on my own. Becky went back to my 3X grandfather and found so much family history! There were several photos and documents that I was floored!! She even found things on my mom’s side (photos and documents) that I was surprised to see!! I highly recommend Becky if you’re wanting a Family tree done. Because it’s not just a tree, it’s a plethora of information!!!

Charlie –
Becky is great at this! She’s found a whopping 230 of my ancestors dating back centuries, has helped me navigate the site and make the best of the resources. She’s also currently helping me (doing most of the work) on my husband’s tree, who’s family originate from Jamaica. It’s really challenging but the reward of getting that little piece of history is so fantastic! I’d really recommend her services! Absolutely 5 stars! Thanks Becky

Kellie –
I’m so happy with how Becky has done my family tree. I was stuck with my mother’s side of the family. With becky’s help she has found them and more. Thank you again

Jenn –
I cannot say enough good things about Becky and her amazing skills when it comes to doing a family tree. I was blown away at the amount of information she was able to find on both my and my husbands side. The documents alone that she found were incredible! My family will cherish her hard work for a long time. If you are considering having someone work on your family tree I strongly suggest using Becky. I will recommend her to everyone! Thanks for all your hard work Becky!!